About Us​

We are a team of passionate marketers, innovators & events specialists who will strive to create practical & fast track solutions for our clients.

We make sure you are ahead of your competitors by applying unconventional event strategies.

Our Vision

To be Singapore’s preferred partner in turning event ideas into a memorable & enjoyable reality, satisfying clients and their guests every step of the way.

Our Mission

To our customers:
We easily turn the envisioned event into a reality to be enjoyed by everyone in attendance and ensure
timely delivery of our commitments at great value for money.

To our employees:
We open the doors to a career opportunity that offers professional and personal growth within an
organization that strives to keep its people empowered & motivated.

To our shareholders:
We work to grow the business in size and valuation by achieving industry leading returns on investment.

To our business partners:
We are collaborative, fair, and just business partners that have everyone’s growth in mind.

Brand Values

Accelerato is driven by 5 core values – “5C’s of Accelerato”

Customer Service

We listen to our clients' needs & respect customs & traditions


We are transparent with clients and all stakeholders


We honor promises to timely accomplish all event deliverables


We work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to turn ideas to reality


We deliver visually compelling event designs & memorable activities that captivates everyone

Brand Personality

Friendly yet professional

We deal with clients and our projects professionally, honoring our commitments and deliverables, while maintaining a friendly relationship with those we work with.

Energetic yet careful

We do things with high enthusiasm and energy, but we create masterpieces carefully to meet client expectations at the highest level & timeliest manner possible.

Authentic yet creative

We strive to be an authentic company while being brave enough to explore new trends in event designs & new ways to make event ideas come to life